Why Freeze Dry Your Food?

Healthy Freeze Dried Foods
Freeze Dried Tastes Great Too!

Lots of people who are new to prepping, often have some health concerns when it comes to food. On a day to day basis, we all eat fresh food. The health benefits of fresh food are well known, and we all try to include it as much as possible in our daily diet. So, what about freeze dried food? Is freeze dried food healthy and how long will it last, is normally the most common question. I can understand that, as freeze dried food is normally a new concept to most people.

The health benefits of freeze dried food

Freeze-drying food is one of the best ways to preserve food. Most of the food that we eat is made up of 98% water. The process of freeze drying works by removing a large amount of the water, and this is what makes the food light weight. It goes without saying that light weight food is easier to store, and to transport.

 However, does freeze dried food have health benefits? The fact is that freeze dried food can have many health benefits, and scientists are taking a closer look at it. First of all, microbes such as bacteria and fungus, are less likely to interact with freeze dried food. Once the moisture content has been removed, the food will not react with the oxygen in the atmosphere in the same sort of way and will be less likely to pick up contaminants.

Freeze dried food also retains its nutritional value. This is the main reason why we use freeze dried when we go on long expeditions. We are still able to get all of the nutrients that we need out of the food, and the astronauts on the space station are certainly aware of this fact. They eat mainly freeze dried food, and this is how they manage to stay healthy.

The other two major benefit of freeze dried food is that it retains its color and flavor. I recently bought some freeze dried vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese, and it was delicious. It had not lost any of its flavors and looked really good on the plate. And did you know that freeze drying removes the need for artificial preservatives? Another less obvious health benefit but a very important one.

How long does freeze dried food last?

Freeze dried food can last for up to 25 – 30 years proving that you look after it well. Once again, how you store the food is essential. I am very organized when it comes to storing our freeze dried food, and have a certain system when it comes to my containers. The most crucial point is that you should not allow any moisture near the food, but at the same time, you mustn’t let the packaging get damaged. Damaged packaging means spoiled food.

Make sure that all of the containers you buy are smooth on the inside, and do not have any sharp edges on the inside. Most preppers tend to pack their containers out pretty tightly, and that means that sharp edges, or untrimmed surfaces, can easily damage packaging. Always be careful how you select your containers and buy only the best. Yes, it will cost you extra but save you money in the long run.

Freeze dried food is certainly healthy and tasty. It is a good investment for the future, and economical from an energy standpoint as well. It takes less energy to re-heat freeze dried food than it takes to cook fresh food. That is an important point to consider when you have limited fuel and energy storage. There is a lot more to prepping than meets the eye!